16 MP Rear Facing Camera of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the Best in the World; Says DxOMark

by | Samsung Galaxy S6 | May 3rd, 2015

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When it comes to rear camera in smart phones, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge easily tops the list; says DxOMark. The 16 MP rear camera set up at the rear of one of the most designer smartphones in the world is truly unparalleled in performance; the report says.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Camera

The popular camera testing agency has found the rear camera in Galaxy S6 Edge the most efficient and effective photo shooter across the globe. In the process they compared the camera functioning with the cameras loaded in other smart phones as well as in the Samsung built devices. Ultimately they settled for the Galaxy S6 Edge Camera.

An interesting fact is that results of the tests conducted indicated not only Galaxy S6 Edge occupying the top position but also Galaxy Note 4 occupying the second place establishing the dominance of Samsung in providing the best smart phone cameras ever to hit the market.

DxOMark Report

To arrive at such conclusions DxOMark conducts extensive tests that include checking up of noise, artifacts, exposure, colors as well as autofocus of the camera. Tests are carried out on both the still photography and video photography modes. In the recent test carried out, S6 Edge topped the list with a score of 86 out of 100. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was a close second with the score of 83. Apple iPhone 6 and 6 plus came 3rd and 4th respectively. Others following at a distance were Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia 23 and 22, and Google Nexus 5.

Overall score of 86 secured by Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the combination of still and video capabilities of the camera. The handset scored 88 in still photography and 84 in video getting a combined average score of 86.

Fast autofocus, excellent exposure and super balance in all conditions contributed to the success of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge camera that is ideal for shooting in both bright and low lights.

Image Credit: DxOMark

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