Among the Top 10 Popular Smart Phones in UK – The Samsung Galaxy Note 3

by | Samsung Galaxy Note 3 | September 25th, 2015

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A smart phone that was released in the market exactly two years ago by Samsung still figures in the list of top ten smart phones in UK. Note 3 Pay Monthly is large and comes in the phablet category with its 5.7 inch display screen. It was one of the main attractions when the phone was released for the first time. It was also one of the largest smart phones making its mark in the mainstream smart phone family.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

On release the smart phone immediately caught the imagination of users and reached the top of the popularity ladder almost instantly. Though after two years and with coming up of later and more improved versions like Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Pay Monthly and Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6, S6 Edge and now the Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus it does not occupy the same top position its ranking in the top ten popular smart phones in UK is no mean achievement.

Launching of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was introduction of a completely new category by Samsung. It effectively offered the combination of big screen of a tablet with the portability and functionalities of smart phones. This attracted quite a large number of users that were looking for such a combination. Many users in UK who were using other devices also switched over to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 during this period.

Samsung claimed; and reasonably correctly; that the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can take the user experience to a new level altogether. Strength of the smart phone is its S Pen accompanying the device. These enabled much more than navigating the sites and scribble notes and were widely appreciated in the users’ circles.

People looking for large size smart phone that performs like a tablet and offers a host of features including great camera and long battery life would find Samsung Galaxy Note 3 befitting their choice.

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