Battery and Hardware in Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

by | Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | February 10th, 2016

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are phones that are not very different from each other. Two of the best phones Samsung made may be rivals in the market, but are more like brothers when it comes to comparison of features. These two phones are evidently helpful when it comes to performance, but whether they are worth the money buyers pay for them is what the question is. In this article we compare two features of these two phones to come to a transparent conclusion. Compare Galaxy Note 4 Deals and Galaxy S6 Edge Deals at

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy Note 4 and S6 Edge Battery

Battery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is far superior to that of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a phone which has a battery life of 20 hours compared to 18 hours that the S6 Edge provides. This is an advantage of Note 4, when usage comes to play. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a remarkable music playback time of 82 hours, while the S6 Edge has a music playback time of 50 hours. Hence the battery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is almost twice as good as that of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. However, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has wireless charging and can be fully charged in less than two minutes-three minutes. This advantage is one which really gives S6 Edge a jump that keeps it in the minds of consumers and creates more confusion. Although S6 Edge has the wireless charging option, the truth is that wireless charging is a relatively new concept. So, to fully use this option the user will have to carry his or her charger to every place that he visits, creating an inconvenience uncalled for.

Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy Note 4 Hardware

Comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 hardware and the Samsung Galaxy S6 hardware is a difficult one. Both these phones have the same hardware features and are only different when we compare the graphics processor. S6 Edge has a Mail T-760 MP8 graphics processor which is better than the ARM Mail-T760 graphics processor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

These comparisons between certain features give the reader a better understanding of which phone they should buy according to their lifestyle and needs.

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