Bendable Screen Will Be Upcoming Initiative by Samsung Mobile

by | Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus | June 11th, 2016

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Samsung, a mobile industry pioneer and a tech giant constantly endeavors to meet the customer’s hopes and desires. This makes it the best. This time it has thought of bringing a bendable screen which is expected to be rolled out by next year. This is something cited as “people familiar with the matter”. Bendable screen is not something very new for Samsung as it had launched Samsung Galaxy Edge smart phones with curvy sides.

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Samsung Foldable Smartphone

One of the devices will have a feature will make the phone bend and get folded in half like a cosmetic compact case. This will give it the shape of a bracelet and you will be able to wear it on your wrist. An analyst at IBk Securities said, ‘It will be a game changer for Samsung, if it successfully comes up with a user interface for bendable screens’. The other device will be of 5 inches display like a phone, will have the ability to expand up to 8 inches, in a tablet form.

These devices will take touch screens a huge step forward. This will also help Samsung to boost and regain its sales which it has lost to Apple. Samsung may unveil one or both of these devices in Feb, 2017 when the Mobile World Congress takes place in Barcelona. This time Samsung is counting on its technology to win market share and increase supply orders.

Samsung may face a competition from Moxi Group, a Chinese company, which has shown off a bendable phone with black and white screens. It says that it will ship around 100,000 of the devices in 2016.

Mary Meeker, an internet analyst, projects smart phones sales to rise 21 percent; whereas it was 31 percent in the past year.

Samsung is keeping fingers crossed.

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