Best Facebook Wrappers for Facebook Android Users

by | Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge | February 21st, 2016

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You need not quit Facebook completely; quitting the resource-hungry Facebook app is what makes life much easier. The Facebook app can literally bloat up a device to drain out battery. As a result, some people have deliberately chosen to uninstall the app. Recently, there were a lot of anti-Facebook sentimental issues, which led people to try to live without the app, and they liked what they saw.


One of the main things about the official app is that it takes up a lot of storage space (40 MB), consuming excess RAM, causes persistent wake locks, and drains battery because of the background processing apps. Although there’s little factual evidence around such claims, there’s obviously no dearth of anecdotal evidence that the app makes Android experience really sluggish. For every single claim like this, the only way out is to uninstall the app, which leads to improved performance of Android phones Like Galaxy S6 Edge Monthly and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Monthly.

If you really find your device’s performance to be poor and you feel something needs to be done about it, simply uninstall Facebook for the time being.

Facebook Wrappers

Google Play is filled with a lot of alternatives to Facebook app. However, you may not find these to be really useful. Good news is that there are some apps still worth trying:

facebook on Google Chrome

Facebook on Google Chrome : Google Chrome “web view” shortcut is perhaps the fastest and lightest options around. Since September 2015, when you use Chrome to sign in to Facebook, you can see popup request asking your permission to allow Chrome to send you Facebook notifications. If you say yes to the request, you start getting push notifications from Facebook through the browser, thus making Facebook app redundant.

Metal for facebook

Metal for Facebook : Metal is an excellent alternative to Facebook and Twitter. It’s basically a web wrapper app – it acts like the skin of Facebook web version. It can also send push notifications. It’s considered better than Chrome because it has plenty of extras.

facebbok on Tinfoil

Facebook on Tinfoil : Tinfoil is a really impressive web wrapper app for Facebook. It’s faster and better than most apps with handy navigation shortcuts and drawers. It doesn’t sync in your background or use any resources than cache data or Chrome shortcut, so that saves your battery life. However, it doesn’t include push notifications; you have to use Chrome notifications to stay updated or just install IF from IFTTT and then add Facebook notifications recipe.

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