Best Seller Smart Phone in UK – The Samsung Galaxy Note 4

by | Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | September 2nd, 2015

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Samsung mobile phones are very popular in UK and there are some that arrived a year back but are still popular. One such phone is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that arrived last year but is still going well with the mobile users in the country. Cheapest Galaxy Note 4 Deals are available at our Online Galaxy Phone Store UK.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Of course the company has already announced Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but there is still some time left before the new smart phone arrives in UK market. At least till that time it is Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for the users. It is also no certain as to how many users would migrate to the new handset shelving their Samsung Galaxy Note 4 handset.

There are several reasons for the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. One of them is the exceptionally sharp as well as vibrant screen. Other reasons are great battery life, solid all round camera as well as plenty of power in the smart phone. Though a little expensive many users like these features in the handset.

Thus far Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been the flagship phablet marketed by Samsung in UK and it will continue to be so till the arrival of its successor the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Incidentally, Samsung has already announced the unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus but is yet to announce the exact date of arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

While many would be looking forward to upgrade to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on its arrival they may have to pay 40% over and above the current prices of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for the same. Despite a few upgrades of features in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 many users may still like to stick to their trusted Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

More the user uses the more would be the growth of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the handset offers a whole lot that are liked by end users and it includes the Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system.

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