Biggest Signage Ad Russia For Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

by | Samsung Galaxy S7 | June 3rd, 2016

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Samsung has outperformed other phones, when it comes to Galaxy version phones. The success can be attributed to its well projected and well planned marketing strategies, besides product specifications and features.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Signage Russia Samsung Galaxy S7 Signage Russia

The best example of this is seen in Sokol district of Moscow. The side of a 262.47 feet high and 131.23 feet wide building has been so well utilized as to make it a billboard displaying Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This is approximately 500 times the size of the phone. Now you can imagine the view that people must be getting there. It is viewed by over 8 lac people daily, being the center of the city and being seen even from a distance of 1.37 miles. This gives it an edge over others in competition.

This gigantic Billboard is made up of LED panels which can display video and images on the phone’s screen. It is situated on the road that connects Downtown Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport. The Billboard is also depicting that the phone does not have sharp ends rather has curved ends for user’s safe-handling. The buzz around the building is worth capturing during evening. This gives a view of the largest Galaxy S7 Edge that could ever be seen, and is most talked about phone in the city as well.

The Samsung Galaxy phones are set to record highest sales in the market which reflects in the strategies it is using for advertising. By now, even it has grabbed a big share of people’s mind and memory, as compared to others. In today’s time wherein the old typical advertising media of newspapers and magazines have faded, this has come out to be the latest style which could be recalled by people days after they view the ad.

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