Choose Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for Design and Traditional S6 for Affordability

by | Samsung Galaxy S6 | April 27th, 2015

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Leading smart phone designer Samsung has come up with two of its latest models; Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. They are the best Samsung smart phones marketed till date and they also figure as the best Android phones around.

Buyers could be happy with either of the devices. Both have some fantastic features with the main difference being in their respective price tags.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Of the two models the S6 is cheaper. Though Samsung has tried to bridge the gap making some amazing offers for the buyers of S6 Edge, the curved edged later model is still more expensive in comparison.

However the higher cost also brings up certain features that virtually make the Edge model practically higher version of S6 having all the features of the later and some more. An example is the Micro SD card slot in the Edge model unavailable to S6 users. This helps the multimedia enthusiasts to go beyond the entry level storage capacity of 32 GB offered by both models.

Samsung S6 Edge is for those who prefer best features with great designs though it might cost them a couple of extra bucks. On the other hand the traditional S6 model is for those siding with best features with cost economy.

Buyer’s preference would also depend on the manner of using the phone. If it is just calls, texts and data; the S6 should be the preference. For viewing Netflix or You Tube requiring around 1GB data every month also the S6 could be the more economic choice.

S6 Edge offers a couple of extra features like a compact menu for storing the details about five favourites. Also when the phone is put face down on some surface like a table and someone calls, a stream of colours would run through the screen edges. User can know who is calling without even picking the phone.

S6 is for affordability and advanced features while S6 Edge adds exotic designs. Both are innovative and are gaining popularity among smart phone users.

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