Facebook for Android: Android will Update with Facebook for Live Video Streaming

by | Samsung Galaxy S7 | March 6th, 2016

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After the first roll out to iOS users in January, Facebook is preparing to bring live video streaming as an additional service to its Android platform. This is an attempt to get hold of the market and compete with the leading Periscope technology.

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Facebook Android App

Facebook video streaming feature, unlike Twitter-owned Periscope, has been integrated into the existing app. Just as this update hits the device, you can start recording by hitting “What’s on your mind?” option just at the top of the news feed and select the live video streaming icon. You can then add a quick description and start streaming. As with other services, you start receiving comments like real-time and choose to respond to the same. Once recording is over, you can save the video onto your Facebook Timeline.

So, when is this update expected to be effective from? Well, for Americans, it should hit the market sometime next week. Facebook reveals that the update is all set to arrive soon to its other markets immediately after that, although specific timeframe has not been mentioned. We can keep you updated once this change starts hitting Android devices.

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