Forward March of Samsung Galaxy J Series Smart Phones Continue

by | Samsung Galaxy J1 | November 16th, 2015

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It was only a few months back that Samsung Galaxy J1 was released in the UK. The entry level smart phone from the leading brand in the smart phone industry received good response from the buyers and nice reviews from critics.

Samsung Galaxy J1 UK

It was followed within a short time span by Samsung Galaxy J2 with some improved features and it cemented the entry of Samsung into the race for providing affordable smart phones for the buyers.

However that was not the end of the road for Samsung. Now we are in for another version in the Galaxy J series, the Samsung Galaxy J3 which has even better display and improved cameras. It would also be a satisfying experience for those who want to have good smart phone use without having to invest a fortune towards the cost of the device.

There were numerous leaked news form inner sources while the Samsung Galaxy J3 is just around the corner. According to reports received, it had passed through FCC and it has also been certified by TENAA and 3C in China. The successor to Samsung Galaxy J2 as the new entry level smart phone of the company has passed most of the hurdles by the time and was set to be released.

Samsung Galaxy J series smart phones are getting more and more popular. There are certain specific sectors; especially those looking for affordable smart phones with great features in UK prefer this phone series to other affordable phones in the market. The brand name of Samsung seems to be playing its part well.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy J3 has also passed through benchmark listings on GFX Bench. Samsung has been producing many low and medium range smart phones during the current year and Samsung Galaxy J3 is a welcome addition to the list after its predecessors Samsung Galaxy J2 and J1. Cheapest Galaxy J1 Deals are available at our Galaxy Phone Store UK.

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