Galaxy Note 6 Rumoured to Have BlackBerry Hub-ish Interface Samsung Focus

by | Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | May 18th, 2016

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In recent times, BlackBerry has been struggling to resonate with the modern smartphones and users. However, if you ask a few people who stuck to BlackBerry and actually used the recent handsets of the company, you’ll perhaps find them singing all praises of one feature: all-you-communication-in-one-spot BlackBerry Hub. A recent rumor indicates that a similar feature could be seen in some Samsung phones too.

Blackberry Hub

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Reportedly, Samsung could introduce this additional feature later in 2016 with the debut of its Galaxy Note 6 where it seems like it would be launched with the name Samsung Focus.

Samsung Focus is supposed to bring email from different sources together under the same roof, thus offering one unified inbox that would be perfect for users juggling a whole bunch of multiple accounts. In addition, users can also see contacts, calendar access, and memos popping up. However, it’s still not sure if that would be the complete list of stuffs that Samsung Focus is prepared to help streamline the way people access, but it seems like a good start.

Viewing options can expand past standard sorting to include contextual grouping, which is an impressive feature. It would let users see all item related to their specific tasks on the to-do list, for instance.

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It seems that perhaps the most interesting part about this rumor is not the Hub-like feature, or Focus, but the designs Samsung is making to craft this app. This could be one of the least Samsung-resembling apps from the South-Korean giant ever. Rather, it could be simply by-the-books design with some additional flourishes to distract users or complicate navigation.

While new Samsung phones would come with this pre-loaded feature, the current ones can expect an update very soon.

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