Google Android Pay Official Big Leap to Australia After UK

by | Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge | July 27th, 2016

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After getting success in UK, US and Singapore, Android pay will soon come to Australia. In its official announcement, Google declared the coming of this big payment platform in Australia very soon. But this one is all set to beat its competitors in the market, like Apple and Samsung which were launched with not more than 2 banking partners, as it is going to be compatible with 28 financial institutions, which is a big number to beat.

Android Pay Australia

The banks included are American Express, ANZ, Bank of Sydney, ING direct and Beyond Bank. Moreover this payment wallet will be compatible with more devices than Samsung and Apple Pay. The handsets that support this will be Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, Huawei and HTC.

Android Pay Features

Samsung is going to make use of this. Very soon Samsung users will be allowed to use any wallet like Samsung Pay or Android Pay. This facility is still excluded by Apple users as they can only use Apple Pay as mobile wallet.

While entering into Australia, the officials say, it was even easier as more than two-third Australia already uses this technology for payment. And prior to Android, it already had Apple and Samsung Pay. People here are already accustomed to using such electronic gadgets and apps instead of using the traditional way of paying through credit or debit cards.

The Australian users have to just download the Android Pay app and use it for payment by unlocking it by holding near the payment terminal. You don’t even need to open your phone. For security, the phone transmits an encrypted token, and not the credit card number, to the machine.

As for the question of not carrying wallets and purses is concerned, the Google’s senior director, Mr. Pali Bhat said that this is going to be answered by consumers and not the product managers.

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