If You are On Budget, Don’t Forget Samsung Galaxy Ace 4

by | Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini | July 10th, 2015

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Samsung has been coming up with one smart phone after another and its latest flagship phones Samsung S6 and Samsung S6 Edge are both extremely popular in the market.

But there is a cliché in it. Both these phones are expensive. And though Samsung has announced Galaxy A8, it is still to arrive in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 4

Customers in UK and for that matter in the entire world that are on budget may not forget the benefits some of the older handsets like the Samsung Ace 4 give them. The phone is a competent and compact Android handset that does not bleed the buyer financially white.

With a 4.3 inch display, quad-core processor and 4G it is one of the best budget phones that the Korean tech giant has marketed so far. The phone made its first arrival in the market over a year back. But low and medium income group customers opting for smart phones find the device performance satisfactory as is revealed from its continued popularity in such circles.

When the smart phone hit the market it was one of the latest cut price mobile phones from Samsung. In essence; it can be termed the smaller as well as cheaper version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. The differences in designs in the two versions are negligible. A compact and lightweight handset, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 has a solid plastic built with the classic looks of Samsung phones.

The size of the phone is small and it makes the handset portable. Though the screen size is also small matching its size it is just a fraction smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. The screen is not as sharp but quite competent for the average use.

Best part of it is that the phone has 4G connectivity and is quite fast and those who are concerned about investing too much in their smart phones can consider Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 for their purpose.

It is not a handset that buyers would forget soon.

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