Is OnePlus 3 could beat Apple iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7?

by | Samsung Galaxy S7 | July 30th, 2016

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It is, indeed, difficult to choose a smartphone having all the latest features and that wouldn’t cost fortunes. Nevertheless, with some of the latest flagship smartphones coming from the house of OnePlus and Samsung, choice is definitely becoming easier.

One Plus 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

You can now choose from any of the most commonly known smartphones like Samsung S7, OnePlus 3 or Apple iPhone 6s.

OnePlus 3, for instance, was launched in June. According to ace critics, this smartphone boasts some really great features rivalling flagships like Samsung S7 and iPhone.

One Plus 3 and iPhone 6S Photo Capture One Plus and Galaxy S7

Both Samsung S7 Edge and OnePlus 3 come with a powerful 5.5 inch HD display. However, the latter boasts a much higher screen resolution compared to Samsung S7. Meanwhile, iPhone 6s also comes with an attractive 4.7 inch IPS LCD screen having a much lower screen resolution.

When the processor is concerned, Samsung S7 definitely has the best quad core Snapdragon 820 processor with 4 GB RAMS, whereas iPhone 6S has a dual core A9 processor with 2GB RAM. Likewise, OnePlus 3 also has a powerful quad core Snapdragon 820 processor but its speed is not too good, as disclosed during a speed test.

Apple iPhone 6S has different storage capacities – 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB; however, it does not have memory expansion feature. Likewise, Samsung S7 has two variants – 32 GB and 64 GB respectively with an expandable memory of up to 200 GB.

Even though OnePlus 3 has a better RAM capacity, it has a weaker storage to compete with Samsung S7 and iPhone.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge packs in 3600 mAh battery that can support up to 36 hours 3G connectivity. OnePlus 3 also comes with a 3000 mAh battery, but nothing is revealed about its talk time support, as per Tech Times report.

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