Is Samsung Providing Lollipop for Samsung Galaxy Note II without Strings Attached or is it Area Specific?

by | Samsung Galaxy Note 3 | May 13th, 2015

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Many users of Samsung Galaxy Note II were eagerly waiting for the arrival of Android Lollipop 5.0 for their phablet. However they are in for some shock as it has been clarified by the tech giant that they have no intention of using Lollipop for Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Galaxy Note II Update

It all started with a tweet from the Persian Gulf wing of Samsung that was quickly followed by one from Spain. Both the tweets indicated that the 2nd Generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note would continue receiving the Android 5.0 updates only as long as they have no issues upcoming.

There was some respite for users from other European zones, especially Denmark as the Samsung Wing there pointed out that both Samsung Galaxy Note II and Note II 4G would continue receiving Android 5.0 updates and that the restrictions were geographical area specific. That clearly means that the gulf and Spanish announcements won’t affect some other parts of Europe and hopefully United Kingdom.

Note 2 Update

The situation continues to be gloomy for the Gulf users as the Samsung Gulf posted their message on the Facebook site that Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is not going to have the Android 5.0 updates. Many people and that includes experts think that this is an unfortunate decision because the 8 inch glass carrying resolution of 800×1280 and with an Exynos 4412 SoC and quad core 1.66 GHz CPU has the ideal set up for using the Android 5.0 updates the best possible way.

However with the knowledge one has about Samsung, it is most unlikely that they would allow their Galaxy Note 8, a premier product go without some update plans or incentives. Announcements could come up shortly and it remains to be seen what the premier mobile device maker of the world has up its sleeves to attract customers.

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