Looking for Cheapest Android Smart Phone? Try Samsung Galaxy Star Pro

by | Samsung Galaxy A3 | September 28th, 2015

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There are several smart phones that can be ranked as budget phones but not all of them combine the advanced features with Android operating system. If you are looking for one then Samsung Galaxy Star Pro could be your answer.

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro comes with large 10.08cm or 4 inches WVGA display and it offers quite nice visual display. Though there are many larger phones available the quality of this particular handset is that it is the cheapest smart phone using Android operating system in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro also has higher productivity with 4 GB of primary storage and 512 MB RAM that is just adequate for the average users looking for budget smart phone running on Android operating system. It also has faster connectivity with Wi-Fi and BT 4.0 that helps instant sharing of data. The download is pretty fast and it is also possible viewing contents in regional language.

Benefits of the dual SIM Samsung Galaxy Star Pro are that it always forwards the calls from the second SIM while the first one is engaged. Hence the calls are never missed. In addition; the dual talk function allows conversation on both SIM simultaneously. You can also manage two separate phone numbers for business and personal connection thus maintaining complete privacy in the process. Currently the best sellers of Samsung Galaxy Series are Galaxy S6 Pay Monthly and Galaxy Note 4 Pay Monthly.

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro was introduced as upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy Star and they were the cheapest of the Android phones marketed by Samsung. But the cheap price did not prevent the smart phone having some brilliant features and it was widely appreciated in the users’ circles in UK for this. Differences between the Samsung Galaxy Star and Star Pro were not many but the later had a larger screen and slightly better battery.

So if you are looking for latest cheapest smart phone running Android OS with most of the smart phone features, the Samsung Galaxy Star Pro would be your answer.

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