New Galaxy S7: The Wait is Over for Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

by | Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge | June 11th, 2016

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Good news for all the Samsung lovers especially the Active lovers that Samsung is going to launch its long awaited model of flagship Active series soon. The journey of Active series started from Samsung Galaxy S4, and then came S5, S6 and now it’s time for S7. It is rumored to be the “rough and tough” phone of the series. The Active series has offered many features which were missing in the S series. It is likely to hear it first from AT&T as it has been an exclusive carrier for Samsung devices in the past.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Rumor Image Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

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This new version is expected to have a major hardware upgrade. It is going to bring out the best design, will be better in durability and will cover all the underwater features that could be appreciated. The older devices of the series have the capacity to be submerged up to 3 meters of water.

This new member is expected to have a higher SPF rating with better underwater cinematography. It is likely to have a slightly larger screen with an amazing UHD display which will give a resolution up to 3480 X 2160, which is better than S6 Active. The camera quality is also expected to be enhanced as the front camera can be of 7.0 MP, which is by far the maximum, and the rear one of 19 MP. Moreover, it is going to last long in a day as it may have a battery of about 3900 mAh. The other distinctive feature could be wireless and ultra-fast charging. It is believed to be dust and shock resistant. The price has not been disclosed but is expected to be competitive for sure.

With all these expectations and speculations, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active has become the most awaited phone and we hope it becomes the most longed for also after its launch.

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