New Samsung Galaxy Phones Appear Soon but Old Ones Also Get New Features

by | Samsung Galaxy A3 | November 25th, 2015

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Sitting back and enjoying the present laurels is not something present in Samsung’s dictionary. Despite the huge success of its flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge Plus all of which were well appreciated by the buyers in UK the Korean company is planning its future launches.

Samsung Galaxy Phones

A new model that could be the successor to Samsung Galaxy J family may soon arrive as it has already been certified by the FCC in United States. It is likely to come with a single SIM as well as a dual SIM variant for the buyers in UK. Specifications of the new smart phone are yet to be revealed but it is expected to have multiple features that could be user friendly and innovative at the same time.

Samsung Android M Upgrade

The other one is Samsung Galaxy A7, a latest addition to the popular Galaxy A series of the company. It is likely to have many innovative features as well and the sturdy build that is customary for the Samsung A series of smart phones.

That does not mean Samsung is not taking interest in its already marketed smart phones. It is no way a case of launch and forget. Instead they have been planning to renovate some of the older but highly popular models like the Samsung Galaxy S5 Pay Monthly and Samsung Galaxy A3 Pay Monthly, A4 and Samsung Galaxy Note Neo. For instance; they are introducing Android Lollipop 5.1 for some of the older versions including the Samsung Galaxy A3. Similarly they have introduced the Samsung Pay, an online wallet for users of various models of Samsung smart phones.

In addition; Samsung has also introduced some accessories using the latest and most advanced technologies that would take the experience of their smart phone users to a new level altogether. A couple of examples are level on wireless headphone and wireless charger that helps convenient use and charging of the phone while the user is on the go.

Bringing up new without forgetting the old; that is what Samsung’s thought process looks like.

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