New Smart Phones are Welcome: But Users in UK have not Dispensed Their Trusted Old Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

by | Samsung Galaxy S4 | August 24th, 2015

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Not all mobile phone users have the resources to immediately switch over to the new model of smart phones shelving their older ones. Some also develop an emotional attachment with the trusted handset they have. Moreover when the set is not much older and working fine, they do not see the relevance of going for the brand new one however attractive they might seem.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

This is the story of Samsung mobile smart phones in UK. Comparatively conservative users; the smart phone handlers in UK have warmly welcomed the arrival of new and flagship phones like Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. They are also waiting with expectation for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy A7 but they have not yet shelved their old and trusted Samsung smart phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. One more affordable handset offers is available i.e. Galaxy A5 Deals Just check it out!

Fact is that Samsung Galaxy S4 Active finds favor from the buyers in UK even today.

While some other older smart phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are also very popular, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has a good following. There are several features that make the smart phone dearer to buyers. One of them is the inherent capability of protection from dust and water. Another is the ability to become a great outdoor companion.

Now you don’t have to worry when using your phone on the beach or out on your mountain bike. You can capture these moments and more, and even share them with friends instantly. The Galaxy S4 Active’s protection from liquid splashes and completely dust proof design lets you jump into any situation without hesitation. Start your active life with the perfect companion. It is no wonder that 76% users recommend the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active for purchase by others.

The smart phone is available in UK market with both 3G as well as 4G connectivity and it is for the users to choose one according to their requirements and budget.

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