News About Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date and Specifications

by | Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus | November 29th, 2015

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In terms of Smartphone sales, Samsung is the second best mobile phone manufacturer narrowly behind the American giant Apple. A lot is expected of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone, which is planned for release sometime in January 2016. Though, things haven’t exactly gone according to plan for the Korean conglomerate over the last few years, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the ray of hope for Samsung’s smartphone future plans. Best Buy Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Deals and Galaxy S6 Sdge Deals are available at our Online Galaxy Phone Store UK.


As far as a release date is concerned, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to hit stores sometime in the early period of 2016. A premium version of the Galaxy S7 is also being expected to be released in South Korea. One of the major updates apparently being included by Samsung in the Galaxy S7 is the availability of a MicroSD card slot.

The new phone intends to do away with issues that Samsung’s 2015 flagship devices faced. Criticism from several corners due to the lack of any expansion card slots faced by Samsung thus far is now no more going to be a barrier, with the launch of Galaxy S7. Also rumoured is the inclusion of a keyboard cover. However, with the addition of the keyboard cover, the result may be increased weight of the phone.

Back in 2012, when smartphones started becoming a part of mainstream culture, Samsung was at the forefront of it all. During those days, the mobile giants were offering smartphones at much lesser prices and were hugely successful. In an effort to further enhance their reputation in the smartphone industry, Samsung came up with the Galaxy S5. The device was in no way a failure. However, it certainly failed to live up to the expectation of the people at Samsung in terms of sales. The same can be said of the Galaxy S6, launched in 2015, though critics rated the S6 as one of Samsung’s finest devices in recent times, it suffered in terms of expected sales figures for the company.

A lot of market analysts have suggested that Galaxy S7 is vitally important to give huge sales potential as Galaxy S7 has valued market feedback and brought in the necessary features as per user demand.

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