NVIDIA Violated Samsung Graphics Chip Patents, Says U.S. Judge

by | Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge | January 5th, 2016

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Samsung finally has a favorable ruling from the U.S International Trade Commission judge, which says that NVIDIA has infringed upon the patent of Samsung. This case concerns 3 patents of Samsung that revolves around the methods involved in making graphics processors, which NVIDIA violated, Samsung claims, when making its processors.


There has been an unending dispute between NVIDIA and Samsung for over a year now. It all started with NVIDIA making a claim against Samsung right after licensing discussions between these two companies were shattered. Previously, the ITC ruled that the rights of NVIDIA hadn’t been violated, although the company has plans to go for an appeal against the decision.

The decision this week, announced by the ITC judge, was subject to review by the higher commission that can block sales of products in the American market, if they consider it appropriate.

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