Operators in Action Over Galaxy S6 Edge: One Changes the Colour Range While the Other Makes it Available to Resellers in UK

by | Samsung Galaxy S6 | July 8th, 2015

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Of late the major operators and stakeholders in mobile phone market have been involved into some serious action over the flagship smart phone released by Korean tech giant Samsung. While one has inflicted a change in the colour ranges of Galaxy S6 Edge, the other has made it available to resellers in UK.

Galaxy S6 Edge

O2 has refreshed the Galaxy S6 Edge colour ranges by introducing the green variant in addition to launching of the black and gold models in 32 GB version of the premier smart phone. This replaces the traditional white version of the smart phone. O2 also is contemplating a different colour range for the 64 GB version that would be around shortly. They are already marketing in UK market the black sapphire and platinum Gold versions in 64 GB and 128 GB versions for the customers.

Colour change ranges applied by O2 take immediate effect as the operator has been declared as one of the four operators for Samsung in UK. Customers can now recycle their old handsets using the 02 recycle plan.

Another operator, the Tech Data Mobile has now made Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge available for the resellers. They have already started offering the smart phones to their reseller partners and the plan has already been launched effectively.

Customers desirous of ordering the device can now order for Galaxy S6 Edge that was on sale with the Galaxy S6 since the 11th day of April by exchanging their existing devices. For this the customers may use the account manager services or go online through the distributor using the inTouch system of communication.

According to the Tech Data sources; they have the widest ranges of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with 32 GB memories. They have in stock all the colours available including black, white, gold, and green.

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