Patent War between Samsung and Apple heads to the Supreme Court

by | Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge | December 23rd, 2015

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Samsung agreed to pay USD 548 million to Apple to settle their year old patent legal dispute, following which the South Korean giant has taken this legal battle to the Supreme Court of US, demanding a re-examination of decisions made in this case till date.

Whereas Samsung prefers the competitive marketplace more than the courtroom, the company also feels that it’s important to appeal to the US Supreme Court, in this case, on behalf of all American companies, large and small, which could be directly or indirectly affected if the decided legal precedent stays.

Samsung vs Apple

In their appeal, the company has argued that unlike other cases related to different utility patents covering product functions, the jury hasn’t given its details on ways to understand these patents while dealing with cases related to patents.

In addition, Samsung has also questioned the ways in which damages are being calculated in certain cases, noting that there are some scenarios in which convicted companies can be compelled to pay the entire amount of profit in multiple times.

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Samsung has escalated the case because it firmly believes that the way in which laws have been interpreted is not how it should be during modern times. If the present legal precedent remains unchanged, it can potentially diminish stifle competition and innovation, and it may even make way for new design patent troll litigation matters while having a negative impact on consumers and economy.

It is worth stating that various other tech giants in the market such as Facebook, eBay, and Google have also filed their supporting brief with the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. They have clearly said that the present ruling against Samsung, if left unchanged, would cause absurd results and might even have a devastating effect on companies.

The Apex Court hasn’t decided whether to take up this design patent related case or not, as it hasn’t taken up such cases since 1800.

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