Pokemon Go: Grab Your PokeMan Go on Samsung Galaxy S7 Android

by | Samsung Galaxy S7 | July 16th, 2016

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Pokemon Go is now all over the world, taking countries by a stride. Here’s everything that you should know about this app and why users are simply going nuts over the same.

Virtual reality lovers generally wait for the breakthrough experience of a platform; however, in today’s time, the concept of augmented reality is having wonder moments. With a brightly colored and cute app that leaves users with sore feet is now the talk of the world!

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a mobile game. In this game, players can catch Pokemon cartoon creatures in real time. This game has actually put augmented reality into prime spotlight in a better and more immersive way – something that virtual reality has not yet achieved.

Pokemon Go features the finest GPS-enabled map of real-world surroundings of players. Right after tapping on any of the creatures, the app would open up the camera of your smartphone, showing the Pokemon character moving in the real world.

Pokemon Go Inside Pokemon Go Tips

This game is free-to-play, which has also contributed to the fact that it is going viral now, immediately after a late-week launch. Thousands of people are in the streets, shopping malls, and parks, playing Pokemon Go this weekend. Players also shared their experience and images of the Pokemon game appearing in various places starting from bathrooms to sporting events to bars. Also, there were complains about sore legs and battery drainage.

The Sensor Tower estimate that the game successfully notched over 7.5 million downloads on Google Play and Apple App Store. It has been the top app in both app stores since its launch last Thursday.

Whether or not users could define the concept of “augmented reality”, by the weekend, many users have experienced it, or even watches others stumbling around while using it.

That is one type of killer app that gives gaming experience to bring a device or technology from obscurity to a wider use. In the world of gaming, Nintendo’s Wii console was launched when consumers were busy playing tennis and golf with motions mimicking real-life. In the meantime, mobile gaming did not soar to the current heights. Popularity of mobile games only soared after the launch of games like Angry Birds.

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