Samsung Attracts Users to Buy You a Dominos Pizza

by | Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge | June 7th, 2016

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Samsung has been the pioneer in the mobile industry for last so many years. This success can be attributed to the fact that it has always tried to take care of its users. Thus it used to come up with newer apps and updates day by day.

Samsung Dominos Pizza Offer

But what is seen is that the users are somewhat reluctant to open apps and download updates and thus the problem continues. To bring a solution to this, Samsung thought over attracting users to download apps and thus came the idea of offering a digital coupon on updating apps. This is a kind of bribe being given by Samsung but in some way is going to benefit the user only.

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This scheme is seen as a big marketing initiative taken by any mobile company so far. This offer is shown in the app only. But this update has till now been reported only form India. The reason could be trying it out in a developing market first, before rolling out to the world, where people have limited data to be stored in a little storage.

Dominos Pizza Store

The need of keeping your phone’s privacy was important and hence the need for updating apps came up. While people were seen to be reluctant in downloading updates, this offer was required to be put. This offer was particularly seen in Samsung Galaxy J7 Phone in My Galaxy App.

But the question also arises as why such an offer was needed to be introduced when people should themselves timely update their phones so as to keep it updated and debugged. Still it is seen that some users are not fascinated by this offer even.

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