Samsung Claims That Mobile Payments Data Would be Safe Despite Hacking Threats

by | Samsung Galaxy S5 | October 17th, 2015

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One of the greatest threats for computer or smart phone users using Internet is that of hacking. There are numerous instances when valuable personal data has been hacked to the expense of the user who innocently conducted transactions with their smart phones. This could result in great financial losses besides other data related problems.

Samsung Mobile Payments

Sometimes back Samsung introduced the Samsung Pay from smart phones and mobile devices for its customers. The same was introduced for their flagship phone sets Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge immediately and was supposed to be extended to other handset models shortly. But the question that was nagging at the back of the user’s mind was about the safety of their financial transaction data after using the handset and the application offered by the premier smart phone company of the world. Check out the best Galaxy S5 Offers and Galaxy Note 3 Contracts online at our Galaxy Phone Store UK.

It seems Samsung is well aware of the threat and at the same time concerned about their reputation. They do not want the users finding their valuable financial data hacked after using the smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S6, S5 or S6 Edge. Hence after a recent hacking attack against LoopPay which they acquired as the United States based subsidiary in February 2015 they have come out with the statement that mobile payment system introduced by them is safe despite hacking attempts in March and later. According to them the user data is not at risk though there may be further hacking attempts on them.

Incidentally, the Samsung Pay or the mobile wallet services introduced by the company appeared first in South Korea and then in United States and UK. The March hacking attempt was considered by the company as an isolated event and they said it has no impact on any user data using the Samsung mobiles and the Samsung Pay in them. In fact; they denied any link between the hacking attempt and Samsung Pay app introduced by them.

The announcement will certainly give peace of mind to apprehensive Samsung Pay users.

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