Samsung Galaxy A8 is The Expected New Arrival in UK Market

by | Samsung Galaxy A3 | July 7th, 2015

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Customers in UK and for that matter all over the world knows pretty well that Samsung has the ability to produce and market quality smart phones in quick succession. It is not therefore surprising that after Samsung Galaxy A7, it is now the turn for Samsung Galaxy A8.

Samsung Galaxy A8

It was not long ago that Samsung marketed the Galaxy A7 but if the inner sources are to be relied upon, they are already onto the new venture of producing the Samsung Galaxy A8. If the A7 was appreciated for its powerful features and slim design, the A8 is likely to excel further on both fronts.

None of the lead players in the smart phone market can afford to ignore the mid-range buyers and that is what Samsung has now brought up in shape of the Galaxy A series. Samsung Galaxy A8 is slimmer, more powerful than all its previous versions in the series and yet comes within the affordability range for the users.

According to experts the new smart phone from Samsung is likely to have all the features of its predecessors and much more without much hike in the price range. Of course there is still no official confirmation about the release date as well as the specifications of the newest smart phone from the Korean tech giant but it is likely to be launched sometimes later this year.

The new smart phone is already certified by the FCC in United States as well as TENAA in China and the customers in UK can expect its arrival very soon in the smart phone stores across the country. The expectation is confirmed by inner source news that the smart phone is going to be launched in large scales in UK as well as in other parts of Europe shortly.

For buyers in UK it is time to wait and watch.

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