Samsung Galaxy A8 with 5.5 inch Screen Confirmed But No Confirmation on July 2015 Release of Samsung Note 5

by | Samsung Galaxy A5 | May 26th, 2015

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A couple of announcements were made back to back by World’s leading smart phone provider Samsung.

According to Samsung its latest member in the A series smart phones, Samsung Galaxy A8 is going to have 5.5 inch screen. This belied the forecast of some experts that the phone would have 5.7 inch screen. However a GFX Bench listing confirmed that the device would have 5.5 inch screen only.

Samsung Galaxy A8

It is reported that the 5.5 inch screen would be ideal for the 1080p display just as the one used in the predecessor Galaxy A7. However the A8 has some improvements like the 16MP camera, better than the A7. Other specifications for the new phone are Snapdragon 615 chipset which is like the A7 but the processor is unusual at 1.4GHz. A8 has 2 GB RAM and 16GB memory of which 12GB are for the users.

It is not known whether A8 has fingerprint sensor but its introduction could make the phone a real improvement over its predecessor.

While announcing the screen size of Samsung Galaxy A8 the company also came up with the declaration that they are planning to launch Galaxy Note 5 in July this year. Some reviews, albeit wrongly, reported slow sales of Galaxy S6 but ultimately they turn out to be erroneous as Galaxy S6 has been selling pretty fast in the market. It also prompted some of the experts to predict the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in the market.

“Both Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are doing great in the market and we have no intention of launching the Galaxy Note 5 soon”, said J. K. Shin, the CEO of Samsung. He also denied the rumours about Samsung offering prototypes to the partners for tune them up for an early release of Note 5.

Happy with Galaxy performances; Samsung seems not ready to change its September cycle now.

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