Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Aims At Budget Users

by | Samsung Galaxy S4 | July 2nd, 2015

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Many buyers in UK favour Samsung products but many of them also are not affluent enough to go for their expensive flagship products like Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. However for such average buyers, Samsung has an alternative that is less expensive but loaded with many attractive features. The device is Samsung Galaxy Ace 3.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

Some other products like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 were released almost at the same time with Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 but they were mostly geared towards the higher end buyers in the smart phone market. Ace 3 on the other hand is geared towards the mid and budget range buyers in the market. When SIM free, the handset is even less expensive in comparison and that is big bonus for the budget buyers.

Greatest advantage of using Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is that it has 4G capabilities. That brings up superfast web connectivity. This is one point where it scores over many other budget phones around and buyers in UK just love it. So far as the specifications are concerned they are quite efficient without being flashy.

Features that are available include Smart Stay and S Voice. The first one is one of the most innovative brightness features and makes navigation easier and convenient. The screen continues to stay bright when the reader is reading the contents displayed there. The second one is the voice control feature that can be used for different purposes including call answering through reminder setting.

Operating system for the device is Android 4.2.2 that is excellent enough. It is user friendly and gives access to Google play store where the user can easily find both the latest apps as well as games from the Google’s ever expanding library.

With such features and facilities and considering the reasonable price tag it seems that Samsung may be able to achieve the range of success they are looking for in capturing the budget buyer’s market.

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