Samsung Galaxy J2 – The Third in the J Series of Samsung

by | Samsung Galaxy J1 | November 15th, 2015

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After Best Buy Samsung Galaxy J1 and Cheapest Galaxy J5, The entry level smart phone at affordable rates from Samsung has been the launch of Samsung Galaxy J2, the next in J series.


There are however some novel features in the phone. Samsung has introduced them despite the fact that Samsung Galaxy J2 is an entry level smart phone. It is the first smart phone from the Korean tech giant that features the new ultra mode of data saving. This is powered by Opera Max. Users can save data by enabling in the smart phone the option for data optimization.

Samsung Galaxy J2 is available in gold colour and comes with a two-pin charger with earphones and microphones. The battery is 2000 mAh and the manufacturer company offers quick start guide with the phone as well. This helps the users, making best use of the smart phone and all its features.

A positive feature in the smart phone that would be appreciated by users is the bright display on its 4.7 inch super AMOLED screen that has pixel resolution of 964 x 540 pixels. The pixel density would be approximately 234 pixels PPI. Colours displayed are vibrant and the angles of display are quite nice. The brightness has to be adjusted manually since it does not contain any ambient light sensor. But there is an outdoor option that would increase the brightness of the light for 15 minutes to match the outdoor lights.

Samsung has followed a basic design in manufacturing the J series smart phones. They all have curved sides and chromed rims. Samsung Galaxy J2 follows the pattern.

The camera in the phone is 2 megapixels with fixed focus but captures photos nicely in bright conditions. Front camera can record videos with VDA resolutions. But the 5 megapixels rear camera can function brilliantly.

69mm wide and 136.5mm high Samsung Galaxy J2 weighs only 130gm and is handy using. Last but not the least the build quality is good despite plastic makes.

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