Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Review

by | Samsung Galaxy Note 3 | August 14th, 2015

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While the mobile users in UK are looking forward to the arrival of newer and handier smart phones from Samsung, they are still clinging with some of the earlier products very much available in the UK market. One such mobile handset is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo. Best Buy Galaxy Note 3 Deals are also available at our Online Store.

Only note of caution that has come from the manufacturers and experts alike is against use of damaged battery in the otherwise excellent smart phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

When it comes to smart phone with host of features at affordable price ranges, few can compete with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo. It was well appreciated when first time launched by the mobile users in UK and is still appreciated by them as one of the best Android smart phones around.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo is an Android smart phone that has 5.5 inch Super AMOLED HD display and it is powered by 1.7 GHz Hexa Core processor. Some of the phones are saddled with 1.6 GHz Quad Core processors. All models have got 2 GB of RAM. The operating system is Android 4.3 jelly bean.

What makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo so popular in UK market? For one; the camera is truly brilliant. Add to this the ultra HD resolution as well as amazing 4K video capturing facilities and the handset would look something extraordinary. The powerful 13 megapixel camera can capture most of details that the user desires to.

Manufacturers and designers however warn the users against the use of damaged battery as it can adversely affect the performance of the handset. They advise that if battery is damaged it should be replaced with a genuine Samsung battery. The battery can get damaged due to extreme climates and external impacts and it would be good having a spare one in the hard shell case.

Use genuine 3100mAh battery and enjoy WiFi, S Pen and 8 MP cameras in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo.

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