Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Might be on Android N

by | Samsung Galaxy Note 5 | May 11th, 2016

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Recently the news of the launch of two new variants of Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is taking rounds on internet. Samsung Electronics is all set to launch the new Samsung Note 6 one in regular flat variant and one in curve variant. There have been rumors about the details of the specs regarding of the phone. Here there are few updates you would want to know about the new device.

Android N Galaxy Note 6

It is said that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 shall hit the market with the operating system of an updated version of Android; Android N. Till date much details of Android N are not disclosed by Google; however, Google plans to reveal more details in coming months. It is said that the launch with the latest version would be a huge marketing strategy for Samsung. Also, the new Edge display version of Samsung would have huge set of functionality with the new Android N. It is also said that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 would have 8GB RAM. This should increase the functionality of the device many folds.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Official

As per the sources; Samsung Galaxy Note 6 would be having an updated version of Snapdragon Chip. It would obviously have a micro-SD card and would be both dust proof and water-resistant. Camera specs are expected to be same as Pay Monthly Galaxy S7.

Samsung would be following the same launch pattern as of its Galaxy series and is planning to launch the new Samsung Galaxy Note 6 anywhere between the months of July and August; just before the launch of iPhone 7 in September. Samsung Electronics have not yet declared the final pricing of the devices; however, it is expected that the device would cost somewhere between $799-899. We would have to wait for the company to provide more details on the same.

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