Samsung Galaxy Note 6 News and Release Information

by | Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | May 2nd, 2016

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Samsung recently announced the new Galaxy Note 6 Phablet would be launched in July or August this year. The company plans to launch this as a killer phone and hence are working on the design. The online excitement of the launch has raised the expectations of the customers and hence Samsung is having tough time to finalize on the design of the new Phablet.

Samsung Mobile Comunications Business chief DJ Koh

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As per the news, Galaxy Note 6 Phablet might have two versions; curved screen and flat screen. However, both of these would come with an interactive screen of 5.8 inch QHD display. As per the current updates from the company both of these devices have similar features like dust and water resistant, huge GB RAM, micro SD slot with 32GB internal storage, Android operation and two variations in processors ( Exynos and Snapdragon). Needless to mention that the new Phablet comes with enhanced screen and better power saver compared to the current versions.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 News

Samsung is known for playing with devices and hence want to experiment with respect to design to fight the competition. The company has not yet revealed the complete details of the launch and hence there are many speculations across the industry. Some experts believe that only one of the versions would be launched and few believe that Samsung would launch the flat screen version at lower rate and would be a basic version; however, the curved screen version would be for higher end people with a premium price.

If Samsung launches the new edge version in phablet it would be one of the biggest changes by the company in the edge panel. In order to know the exact details of the launch we would have to wait for the company to make official announcements.

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