Samsung Galaxy S5 Pay Monthly Contract A Good Value for Your Money

by | Samsung Galaxy S5 | November 14th, 2015

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One of the older versions of Samsung Galaxy family that still offers good value for money is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Pay Monthly. When it first arrived, it signaled the end of an era with immense developments in features in comparison to its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S4.


Samsung Galaxy S5 was in real sense an evolutionary invention from the Korean tech giant. The camera was exceptionally good with clearer as well as faster shots. In addition, the fitness tracking capabilities of Galaxy S5 was much better. There were more health apps as well as dedicated monitor to measure heart rate that was not available in earlier versions of the Samsung Galaxy S family. It was also very secure with the coming up of the fingerprint scanner.

Samsung Galaxy S5 features similar improvements also in respect of the display screen which was bigger as well as brighter and the battery used that was larger. Even the processor was much quicker than the earlier models. All these improvements immediately caught the attention of the smart phone users. In result, Samsung Galaxy S5 became the flagship phone of the company and was rated as the best Android smart phone around in its time.

Multimedia content viewing was much more convenient in Samsung Galaxy S5 because it had 2 GB or RAM. 32 GB primary memory was adequate but there was scope to enhance it up to 128 GB using MicroSD card for the purpose.

One of the highlights of Samsung Galaxy S5 was also the larger screen at 5.1 inches with biometrics added to it. Add to this the attractive get up and the handset seems even more desirable.

A question might arise that when Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are already available and Samsung Galaxy S7 is on its way, why should one go for the Samsung Galaxy S5? The answer is simple. Samsung Galaxy S5 offers all the features of high end smart phones and it is now available at a slashed price that most buyers in and around UK would appreciate.

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