Samsung Galaxy S5 Pay Monthly is best Seller

by | Samsung Galaxy S5 | August 13th, 2015

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While Samsung Galaxy S6 Pay Monthly as well as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has both arrived in UK market the preference of consumers for their predecessor Galaxy S5 Pay Monthly has not yet reduced.

Samsung Galaxy S5

In fact; Galaxy S5 continues to be one of the top 5 smart phones in the UK consumer market. There are many reasons for this. It is in all respect a top phone with the only slight downside that the body is all plastic. Otherwise it has got some amazing features that enabled it to catch the attention of audience all over the world and UK.

Samsung Galaxy S5 has superb display with 5.1 inch screen and processor speed is excellent due to the use of the super fast Snapdragon 801. In addition; the 16MP camera is extremely efficient. It has the capability of capturing and reproducing sharp and clear images.

Among its unique features are the fingerprint scanner that is hidden under the home key as well as the dust and moisture resistant waterproof chassis. Users can have a heart rate monitor on the back and all these make the handset pretty fun using. The touch wiz feature is another point that makes the user happy. While plastic may not be looked upon as something great it also helps the mobile phone remain light weight and therefore extremely portable.

There are also many users in UK for whom the new flagship phones of Samsung such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are a little too expensive. For them Samsung Galaxy S5 offers everything they desire to have at much less expense in the bargain.

Various rumours are there about arrival of Samsung S7 and S8, A7 and Note 5 in UK market. Buyers in UK are waiting for their arrival. But till they arrive and the buyers compare the pros and cons of migrating to the new handset, it is the old and faithful Samsung Galaxy S5 for them.

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