Samsung Galaxy S5 – Your Long Run Smart Phone

by | Samsung Galaxy S5 | April 20th, 2015

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As an avid admirer of Samsung smart phone series, I recently purchased Samsung Galaxy S5 and am mighty pleased with its look and performance.

The most appealing feature about this high performer is that it is water resistant as well as dust proof; while most of the other brands turn out into quality toys when they come in contact with water, Samsung Galaxy s5 series can be carried anywhere and everywhere. It is verily dust-proof, water-proof, rain-proof and sand-proof. Be it the sand safaris of Dubai or the unexpected London rain spells, Galaxy s5 was my constant companion.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Some of classy features of this power-packed mobile are as follows:

  • Highly evolved camera quality- One can take numerous rich quality videos or pictures in any sort of light conditions with HDR feature. 2.1 mega pixel front camera and 16 mega pixel rear camera.
  • Greater battery life – Even after long hours of usage one can rely on the battery life. And the power saving unique mode converts the screen to B & W shutting down unwanted features for longer battery life.
  • Faster processor – Helps in faster downloading of applications, video buffering speed and allows multiple windows at same time.
  • User-friendly design body – Well-packed solid look even with in plastic casing. Considerably light weight and slimmer.
  • Other Specifications – 2GB RAM, Micro SD, 5.1 inch screen resolution, biometric added qualities, removable battery (2800 mah) and up to 128 GB memory capacity.

The winning S Health Factor

Samsung continues to win hearts, in a literal sense with its heart monitor on the backside of the phone. It allows users to get acquainted with their everyday activities and even monitors user’s calorie intake and check on the pulse rate.

All in all, Samsung Galaxy S5 with its fantastic display (AMOLED), finger print sensor and heart monitor, ace camera and average design is a clear winner!

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