Samsung Galaxy S7 & Galaxy S7 Edge Had a New Security Update in UK

by | Samsung Galaxy S7 | April 11th, 2016

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Samsung has recently launched its two latest flagship smartphones – the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, at the MCW trade show in Barcelona, Spain. These two devices have obviously generated attention from the media. Even though general sales began in March in most of the worldwide markets, these smartphones are reportedly selling much above expectations. There are plenty of major carriers in America offering attractive discounts and deals on the new handsets, thus making then more lucrative to prospective buyers looking for a premium smartphone. The devices were available on sale earlier in March, and people have just started using this phone over the past couple of weeks.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Update UK

While it may seem to be a fairly new handset in the market, but that does not mean updated cannot roll out. Especially a security update is always better for a new handset. Having said that media reports reveal Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is gradually picking up important security updates in the UK market. This new software update brings along security patches for the month of March to the flagship Galaxy S7 Edge UK and weighs 74.34 MB, according to published reports. Whereas there’s no such report about Best Buy Galaxy S7 UK, the standard issue, receiving this update, it may happen at a certain stage over the next couple of days.

Over time, security is gradually becoming a greater cause of concern with various connected devices. Of course, plenty of devices have accepted a lot of heat in the past for not being adequately secure, good standard smartphones, PCs and tablets have been under constant threat of random or targeted attacks from various sources like cyber criminals. It’s only quite natural that Google is rolling out monthly updates to make smartphones more secure in recent times. Even tier-1 manufactures such as Sony, LG, HTC and Samsung have started following this suit and pushing out the updates to premium devices worldwide.

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