Samsung Galaxy S8: Concept design and stunning looks

by | Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge | January 25th, 2016

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The new Samsung Galaxy S7 hasn’t hit the market yet but that surely cannot stop designers from designing the looks of its eligible successor. Today, you can see the first look of the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 concept design that could beat all smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S8

From the leaks all around, it looks like the Galaxy S7 can get an incremental and solid upgrade. The next big release is expected to come in 2017, and it’s going to be a long wait, according to Steel Darke, the designer’s envision. The Samsung Galaxy S8 concept design has style and panache aplenty, and comes with a video for enhanced look.

The display of this device is neatly wrapped around both sides and the handset has a slight curvature on both sides. The top and bottom areas of the screen are narrowed down. Though this is a unique idea, especially for the top area, the Samsung logo is at the bottom, which appears squashed.

There are well designed touches on the phone, for instance the earpiece, and the glossy metal finish for the top and bottom is really impressive. There are 7 tiny speaker holes along the bottom edge, an audio jack and one SIM card slot. The reverse side also has different features – a projector, just above the rear camera.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 concept handset measurements are 141mm x 72mm x 6.8mm. The designers have also designed the packaging box, logo, charge translator and charging pad. It has to be added that this handset is really beautiful and many users may want to try it.

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