Samsung Health App Update: Get the new Samsung S Health Update

by | Samsung Galaxy S7 | June 5th, 2016

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Day-by-day we see new apps coming up or if not new, updates are being offered. Now, Samsung has launched an update to its already existing S Health app, which has been by far the same as in other phones. But now, Samsung has brought something new to it, to again outshine others.

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Samsung S Health App Update

Need to know, who is the fastest Runner or who walked the farthest in your group? Try the S Health app updated version. The new update to the S Health app enables the users to not only count their steps but also to compare it with your friends or group. To make it more accurate, the app combines all the data from all other Samsung devices and makes a report out of it. This would generate a competitive spirit and will force people to walk more thereby improving their health quality.

It has also introduced wireless syncing of glucose with glucose-monitor hardware. This is particularly going to benefit the Diabetic users by helping them getting in too severe a situation and hence will save people’s life.

Moreover, another unique aspect is Heart-rate measuring. This update helps the user to keep a check on their heartbeat per minute which saves them from going into a critical situation on discomfort. All you need to do is activate the app, put the finger on the sensor for heart rate and then turn the phone around to see the result.

With the growing awareness about health and its problems, people have started seeking help through such apps also. Samsung understands the user’s needs well and connects with them in the best way through its best offerings and applications which are not only accurate and efficient but are so user-friendly too that a lay man can also understand them. Go through the apps and keep a check on your health.

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