Samsung Mobile to Manufacture 17.2 Million Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

by | Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge | March 8th, 2016

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Samsung is preparing to produce more than 17 million units of the popular Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in the first quarter of its availability, according to ETNews, Korea. Compare Galaxy S7 Deals and Galaxy S7 Edge Deals at our Online Store UK.

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Anonymous industry sources cited that the total units manufacturing run for the months of February, March and April is to amount to 17.2 million units. Whereas it’s not possible to equate sales with units produced, Samsung has reportedly sold over 15.8 Galaxy S6 and 15.2 million Galaxy S4 in their first quarter of availability. Looking at the remarkably larger production target of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, it is a clear indication that Samsung is now confident in its success of the new Galaxy S7/Edge, which has been received enthusiastically at the MCW.

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Out of 17.2 million units to be produced, 9.9 million units of Galaxy S7 and 7.3 million units of S7 Edge are to be produced, thus maintaining a ration of 6:4. Contrastingly, last year, Samsung projected a ratio of 4:1 in favour of Galaxy S6 – when S6 Edge became a big sales hit, however, the company scrambled to increase its production capacity. It seems that this time Samsung is already prepared to meet the soaring demand for its curved S7 that may be one of the reasons for higher production.

Although Samsung officials didn’t comment on production figures, DJ Kho, the mobile chief of Samsung, did mention improved sales for Galaxy S7.

Perhaps the good old days of explosive growth are over for Samsung; however, that does not mean there’s no scope for growth left for the most loved Android OEM. It’s a fact that Samsung lost grounds in its mid-range devices and entry-level markets, whereas Apple iPhone is still going strong, especially in China. Having said that, Samsung has potential weapons in the Galaxy S7/Edge that takes everything we loved in previous phones followed by added improvements such as waterproofing, gaming optimization and microSD.

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