Samsung Planning to Expand the Galaxy Way beyond the Smartphones in 2016

by | Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus | December 22nd, 2015

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The giant in electronics, Samsung, stung by poor sales in 2015, is likely to pick up pace with its efforts to enter in to your household and interconnect your lives. Check out the Cheapest Galaxy S6 Edge Offers and Cheapest Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Offers.

The newest ad by Samsung during this holiday season has been titled, “Give the gift of Galaxy”, featuring gifts wrapped in different sizes and shapes. On tearing off the wrapper, gadgets like such as the SUHD TV, new Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE phone, the Gear VR headset, Level headphones, and the Galaxy View Tab, reveal from the packs. The tag says it all – It’s not a phone, it’s a Galaxy.

Give the gift of Galaxy

Samsung truly offers a galaxy of choices to buyers with a simple motto – a gentle reminder that being the leader in consumer electronics is not only about smartphones; Samsung is a rather a household brand. Once this rapid importance of Galaxy S phones fades, Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, can start looking in to everything starting from smart watches to television sets and refrigerators, and virtually everything that could reignite the spark of excitement about technology.

While we did witness a bit of this effort in 2015, Samsung is really pushing the idea of everything smart in the coming year 2016. They have planned to roll out the hype train in January 2016 at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, where people can witness a horde of connected gadgets and electronic devices, except some of the new notable range of smartphones.

Samsung is one of the few companies among the heavy-hitters, trying to create a new world of smartphones and other electronic devices for you, making people to talk to one another, all because they want to bring in more convenience and comfort into the lives of people. For consumers, it can be really challenging to convince themselves to fork over such pricey gadgets. But that convenience is not so cheap, indeed.

Samsung has to target new sparks for a successful year in 2016.

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