Samsung Releases New UI for Galaxy S6 Edge & Galaxy S7 Edge

by | Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge | April 30th, 2016

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Samsung has always tried to provide its customers with the best Smartphone experience. The newly launched Samsung Good Look is just another endeavor in the same direction. It is a brand new User Interface from Samsung that allows users to customize the on screen look of their smart phones.

Samsung New Look UI

The app was initially launched only for customers in the United States however currently Good Look is available for download in many parts of the world including Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada, and Korea apart from the United States. The app runs of a number of devices like the Galaxy S6 Pay Monthly, Best Buy Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy S6 Active besides the flag ship models Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. A primary requirement for running Good Look is that, all of them should run on the marshmallow update.

Samsung Android New UI EVLEAKS

Good Look allows users to customize the look of their lock screen and manage notification. There are a total of 16 widgets that can be accommodated on the lock screen. If you feel bored with the same look all throughout the day, you can schedule changes at various intervals during the day.

Currently the South Korean company provides bi-weekly updates for the new UI and has incorporated several improvements like smart view, power saving mode and privacy mode. Besides this the customer can also makes changes in the status bar, notification bar, background colours, lock screen layout and recent apps tab.

The primary aim of Samsung is to replace Touch Wiz with Good Look. We are not very sure about the performance of the new UI. AS a customer you can always try it out and decide for yourself which UI fits your best.

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