Samsung Smart Glow Expected to Appear in Samsung Galaxy J2

by | Samsung Galaxy J5 | July 3rd, 2016

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Samsung has thought of bringing a new type of notification technology to the rear case of its smart phones. This notification is light based and will display different lights for different notifications. Though something sure has not come out of Samsung’s authentic sources yet there is a leak that has emerged online regarding the same.

Samsung Smart Glow

This kind of feature is already seen in android phones where the LED on the front of the phone glows for showing notifications unread by the user. The change in the feature brought by Samsung is that the glow is going to be around the camera lens at the back to make the user aware of notifications even when the phone is put down on face. This is named as ‘Smart Glow’.

Different notifications will be shown through different colour lights say for example for mails it will show red light or for messages it may show yellow light. This is also customizable as you can associate specific colour to notification from special contact or applications. The ring when glows will indicate that the phone has detected a face, which allows the user to capture the picture. Apart from notifications, the light will also glow when the battery is running low or when it is fully charged.

This feature is going to be offered in Samsung Galaxy J2 only as of now, keeping it in the budget phone only. There is no clarity to the question that this feature will appear in high-end phones like Samsung Galaxy S7, which is going to be revealed on August 2. Similar feature is observed in recent Google Nexus as “ambient display” and also in Motorola and LG devices. Samsung has filed application for patent of its “Always on Display” in February.

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