Samsung to Celebrate Brazil Olympic Games with Galaxy S7 Special Edition

by | Samsung Galaxy S7 | April 13th, 2016

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Samsung loves to release its high range flagship devices in different editions as a perfect mechanism to address specific niches or as a perfect promotional tool. For instance, in 2015 the company launched its rare and impressive-looking Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition having striking red finish. A rich Chinese customer also paid a sky-high price to own this one.

Samsung Brazil Olympics Rio 2016

It seems that Samsung is now working on the Olympic edition of Best Seller Galaxy S7. In fact, SamMobile has already obtained adequate evidence hinting towards a new device that has been code-named ‘Hero2_Olympic_edition’, still under development at Samsung. The code-name of Galaxy S6 was Hero, which isn’t a secret any longer, and the Best Seller Galaxy S7 Edge is a sequel of the same with a code-name, Hero2. So, that’s taking us clearly onto something noble, right?

Rio Olympics Brazil 2016

In addition, Samsung plans to celebrate this summer games in Brazil in 2016 by turning them into a virtual reality experience. As such, a proper thematic smartphone is appropriate for events as large as the Brazil Olympics. In regards to this, SamMobile’s sources reveal that there are two apps, codenamed IOC_Olympic_app and Rio2016_WOW_Olympic_app, are developing. It seems that the final Galaxy S7 Olympic Edition could be loaded with Olympics-themed VR content. Also, it is expected that Samsung might club this offer with a bundled Gear VR headset too. In fact, the company has already done the same with pre-orders of regular Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge earlier in 2016.

Samsung also maintains a tradition of honoring the Olympics with its thematic handsets. Some users might be able to recall that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 had a similar Olympic edition way back in 2014, and the present Galaxy S7 seems to be following the same path.

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