Samsung Watches of the Future to Use Your Veins to Verify your Identity

by | Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus | February 11th, 2016

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Can you imagine this! You wear the latest Samsung smart watch, and it verified your identity by your veins. This is the most advanced technology likely to be available very soon. Samsung has recently filed a new patent with USPTO for an innovative method by which any smart watch user’s veins can become the authentic identity of that person wearing the smart watch.

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The smart watch would be taking an initial reading of the user’s veins, and use the same to compare all future images. It would use Infrared Technology to capture images of the veins. In case if the same smart watch is used as a key for opening the door of a hotel room or car, this technology featuring in the patent filing can also be used for verifying one’s own identity. Furthermore, it can also be used for authenticating mobile payment by replacing currently used password sign-in or fingerprint sensor.

The title of the patent is, “Wearable Device and Method of operating the same.” It was originally filed in the month of July 2015. If this technology is found to be impressive as expected, it could certainly become the future use of heartbeats as the way to identity verification.

This will be a remarkable feature for New Galaxy Phones like New Galaxy S6 Edge + and Future Galaxy S7 Smartphones.

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