SIM Free European Version of Samsung Galaxy S4

by | Samsung Galaxy S4 | September 24th, 2015

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While Samsung has been coming up with new handsets and smart phones at regular intervals it has not overlooked to keep some of the best older versions alive and in circulation. One such handset is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Monthly that is still popular in UK and rest of Europe despite arrival of Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, and S6 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S4

One of the reasons for such popularity is that besides excellent features the Samsung Galaxy S4 is also SIM free and the prices have come down in recent times significantly. This gives the benefit to users of using an excellent high end smart phone in the price of budget smart phones.

Incidentally the SIM free version of Samsung Galaxy S4 19500 is factory unlocked for all GSM networks and has 16 GB of internal memory that helps the viewer download or view most multimedia files from the Internet.

The smart phone comes with some stunning features and it can accomplish multiple tasks with ease and convenience. It is also one of the best designs wise and the users just love to have it in their pockets. One of the highlights is the screen that originally was smaller but has now been enhanced to 5 inches size giving the users feeling of using larger phone. But at the same time the handset is slim and can easily fit into the pocket or palm of the users.

Another feature of Samsung Galaxy S4 that is highly appreciated by users and experts alike is the great camera it has. The pictures taken are sharp and clear.

Despite being almost two years old and replaced by Samsung Galaxy S5 Monthly in 1014 the Samsung Galaxy S4 is still popular. Even the arrival of the new flagship smart phones of Samsung like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge has not spelt the end of Samsung Galaxy S4.

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