Soaring Popularity of Galaxy S6 Edge Prompts Samsung to Open New Plant

by | Samsung Galaxy S6 | April 28th, 2015

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Samsung’s latest smart phones Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are among the hottest phones of 2015. Both have been shortlisted for Mobile Industry Awards 2015 in the rank of hot smart phones.

Galaxy S6 Edge has numerous features that are appreciated highly by the users all over the world. But even the developers and designers never anticipated such soaring demands for the new device. The demands have far outweighed the supply of the model and therefore Samsung had to think of ways and means of balancing the supply demand curve.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

One limitation that initially prevented huge production of the S6 Edge was the dual edge display but Samsung authorities took the problem head on by setting up a new supply line for their product. It is expected that the production volume would reach the target of around five million curved handsets per month. This is a big boost over the previous production level of two million units per month.

Samsung has a big ambition and they aim to manufacture and sale over 70 million of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge together. To achieve this objective planned action is required and the rising popularity of both S6 and especially S6 Edge has prompted them to plan setting up a new manufacturing plant

While the original plan for setting up of the plant was around June this year, it was advanced by around two months ahead of schedule to April 2015.

Despite the industry reports about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge being the most expensive smart phone ever produced by the company, the huge popularity has helped counterbalance the disadvantage of high overheads. The 64 GB Verizon version cost the company around $290 for materials as well as assembly alone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 was one of the nominees for award as the phone of the year for 2014 and now the New Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge both are nominated among the hottest smart phones for the year 2015 posing a big threat to rivals in the market.

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