Some Bad News for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 Users in UK

by | Samsung Galaxy Note 3 | July 11th, 2015

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An announcement by Samsung Mobile in UK has confirmed the apprehension that the Samsung Galaxy S3 won’t be having Android 5.0 Loliipop.

This comes as a bad news for many users of Samsung Galaxy S3 in UK.

However it is not only the Samsung Galaxy S3 that is going to miss the desired update but Samsung Galaxy Note 2 would also be in the line. This means two of the popular mobile phones from the Korean tech giant are not going to receive the Android 5.0 Lollipop updates.

The news was confirmed when the answer was delivered by Samsung UK mobile in response to a tweet from a user seeking information on the subject.

According to Samsung; they despise giving bad news to their clients but they did not appreciate hiding true facts either.

“We don’t live to give out bad news Rohan but the Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 won’t be receiving the Lollipop update”; said the Samsung response to the tweet.

Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3

It seems that Samsung is losing interest over its older handsets though the customers might think otherwise. The Samsung Galaxy S3 made its appearance in the market on the 29th day of May 2012 and is therefore over three years old now which may not be much for the buyers who paid good amount to buy the then latest smart phone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 was one of the most popular handsets marketed by Samsung during 2012 and there are huge numbers of users of the phone in UK as well as other parts of the world. These users must feel disappointed due to the want of Lollipop support. Same is the case of users in UK of Samsung Note 2, another popular handset of its time.

Android Lollipop 5 is the latest Android update in operating system and most of the latest handsets from Samsung have received it. Not only Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 would miss it but they have not been upgraded to Android 4.4 kitKat in some of the regions.

A ray of hope for these handset users is that they can exchange and upgrade to newer handset versions approaching Samsung dealers.

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