T-Mobile Offers Free Galaxy Deal with Verizon Data Plans

by | Samsung Galaxy S7 | July 26th, 2016

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T-Mobile has finally responded to Verizon’s new data plans but with a difference – it is offering a free Galaxy smartphone.

The 3rd largest carrier of the nation announced on last Tuesday that they are coming up with a new deal that is going to throw in a free Samsung Galaxy smartphone for anyone opting for its 6GB, 10GB or any of the Unlimited Simple Choice data plans. However, the Galaxy won’t be any of the popular models such as S7 or S7 Edge. Instead, it would be either a Galaxy J7 or Galaxy On5.

T Mobile Free Galaxy Phone Deals

User’s who choose the 6GB Simple Choice plan could get a free Galaxy On 5, whereas users opting for the higher 10GB or unlimited plans would be given a choice of On5 or Galaxy J7. Those who choose T-Mobile’s 2GB Simple Choice plan, however, would not be eligible for any free device.

Both the Galaxy smartphones are relatively cheap compared to the flagship models from the house of Samsung. However, these two smartphones are not as powerful as Samsung Galaxy Note of Galaxy S series.

Having said that, both the smartphones feature a large HD display, a decent processor, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which makes them a great choice for the start-up segment and the offer given by T-Mobile.

This promotional campaign is the highlight of the season in the battle of wireless carriers trying to win over wireless users. Apart from Verizon’s updated data plans, over the past several weeks, AT&T has also come out with several weekly promotions like discounted movie tickets. Likewise, Sprint roped in Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” popular actor to promote the network in its new advertisements.

T-Mobile’s promotion is now open to both new as well as existing subscribers walking into local T-Mobile stores, calling T-Mobile’s customer service hotline or opting for online advice. Like any other device promotions, users have to maintain their T-Mobile services for 24 months in order to get their monthly bill credit (pre-decided). In case if users cancel before 24 months, they would have to pay the remaining amount to own the devices.

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Even though smartphones are free, users have to pay taxes while purchasing the same.

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