Tips to Shoot High Quality Videos with your Samsung Android Mobile

by | Samsung Galaxy A5 | January 30th, 2016

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Smartphones are more than just an ordinary phone. Today, these devices are packed with excellent camera for video recording. With an average Android phone, you can click pictures and videos easily. With your android phone, you can also capture high quality videos following these simple and easy tips.

Tips to Shoot High Quality Videos

  • Holding the phone: To make sure you get high-quality video, hold the phone horizontally, not vertically when you are shooting. Videos are watched horizontally, that is in landscape mode. Shooting videos vertically brings those two annoying bars on the sides, which look horrible. Unless you want videos to look that way, hold the handset horizontally when you are recording.
  • Improvise, or use a prop: When you shoot holding the phone in your hand, there’s every change of the phone shaking, which distorts the video. To avoid it, you can choose a tripod and capture shake-free videos. However, if your device comes with an image stabilization feature you can use it too. Tripods are expensive; instead you can settle down for a spider stand, which is flexible and much cheaper.
  • Select lighting conditions: Shooting in low light is often difficult if you are using smartphones. In such situations, the flash of your phone can be helpful. However, the video might just end up with unnatural colours. If you are shooting indoors, it would be best to try to provide adequate light to shoot the scene or subject before recording. Make sure the curtains are open and use the indoor lights properly.
  • Mobile memory check: Make sure you check your smartphone for free space before recording a video. The quality of video you shoot determines the space it needs to be stored. For instance 4K video takes up 300MB per minute. If it is not known to you, recording might stop halfway.
  • Download video editing apps: Once you have recorded the video, there’s another important step – editing. You can add text or music, apply filters, fade out the video, cut scenes etc. You can find plenty of free apps to edit videos. Choose the one you like and use it.

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